BONITO is a brand but should be a place. A whole planet. Full of beaches. Of course. With wind in the north and waves in the south. Where only great enthusiastic people would live. People willing to just live and surf. Cook and sail. Work and swim. Love and dive. Educate and fish. Travel and lay down under the sun. Where you could only find friendly clothing. Respectful with our oceans, clouds and plants. Well-made and well thought out garments. If such a wonderful place ever exists, BONITO will be there.


Taking care of every single detail. Double checking the manufacturing process.  Fully trusting the local workshops. 


Most likely the best cotton in the world. Its softness is second to none. If you can't tell the difference, you have 14 days to send it back. 


Wearing organic cotton garments goes way beyond the act of getting dressed. It is about living in a sustainable way.